Our Team

Nezul Be Hunuyeh is a nonprofit society governed by a Board of Directors consisting of three Directors from Tl’azt’en, three Directors from Nak’azdli, and two Directors from Binche. Three of these Directors are Elders: one from Tl’azt’en, one from Nak’azdli, and one from Binche. The Directors are appointed for three year terms by the Chiefs and Councils of Tl’azt’en, Binche, and Nak’azdli. The Board provides direction to the Executive Director related to the operations of the Agency. The Board of Directors does not intervene in child welfare matters.

NBH Board of Directors

  • Chair: Ruby Prince, Tl’azt’en
  • Vice Chair: Renada Walstrom, Nak’azdli
  • Secretary: Michelle Pierre, Tl’azt’en
  • Elder and Treasurer: Genevieve Pierre, Tl’azt’en
  • Board Member: Russell Haskell, Binche
  • Elder Rep: Beverly Prince, Nak’azdli
  • Elder Rep: Lucille Duncan, Binche

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