Resource Services



Nezul Be Hunuyeh Child & Family Services Society works with caregivers, foster parents, and staffed residential resources to provide care for children who are living away from their family or community. This includes ongoing training, education, and communication to those caregivers. This program provides information, assessments, and education to individuals or families who are interested in becoming care providers to children from Tl’azt’en Nation, Nak’azdli Whut’en, and Binche Whut’en.

This program also recognizes individuals and families who provide kinship care to children from their extended families. The resource team connects and provides supports, services, advocacy, and educational opportunities to these caregivers and those interested in caring for children from their extended families in the future.

The NBHCFSS resource team assists in finding placements for children and youth and for identifying relief and respite placements for children who are in and out of care.