Support and Prevention Services

The Support and Prevention team provide non delegated services to Tl’azt’en, Binche, and Nak’azdli families; with the overall goal of promoting wellness and reducing the risk of child protection concerns.  The Support and Prevention team is comprised of three branches: The Children Service Team, Culture Service Team, and Youth Outreach team.  These branches work together to provide holistic, family-based programs and services for children, youth, families, and communities.

The Children Service Team

The Children Service Team is responsible for administering services to children inclusive of Early Years programs, After School Programs, and Parent Support Programs to our three communities.  The Child Service Team works closely with community to develop and deliver community-based programs which will promote family strength, dignity, and unity.  The Children Service Team is comprised of the Tsibalyan T’o (Eagles Nest), Parent Support, and Afterschool programs. Tsibalyan T'o is for children 0-5 years old and their parents.  Parents and children are invited to enjoy toys, games, arts and crafts.  Some of the themes are: holistic approach to child development, playing with your child, nutrition, hygiene, culture, crafts, facilitation of language skills and development.

The Youth Outreach Team

The Youth Outreach Team interacts daily with youth from our three communities; both on a one-on-one context and at times in larger groups to increase engagement, provide services, and facilitate growth.  The Youth Outreach Workers (YOW) are responsible for delivering programs, clubs, and activities in accordance with NBHCFS’s vision and mission statement.

The Youth Outreach Team provides a range of outreach services to individuals, families, and groups to enhance or maintain youth functioning in the community.  Youth Outreach Workers are responsible for prevention, early intervention, program development, and community outreach with youth and their families.  They are primarily responsible for engagement with youth and the community through guidance, mentoring, recreational activities, education, and outreach.

Culture Service Team

The Culture Service Team runs groups and workshops for children, youth, and families, and ensures cultural training and education for NBHCFS staff.  The Cultural Service Team collaborates with Nak’azdli Whut’en, Binche Whu’ten, and Tl’azt’en Nation to identify community needs and develop cultural programming in each community to meet those needs.  In order to meet the cultural needs, the Culture Service Team works with local Elders and Knowledge Keepers to ensure that programming is delivered in an informed and holistic manner.