In Memoriam

Dedication to Nancy Tom

In Memory of Nancy Tom 1953 -2012

Headshot of Nancy Tom

“Let us remember that it takes a whole community to raise a child and that we need to always be aware that little eyes are watching and listening and that whatever you do they will do also. We need every one of you out there to make a difference in a child’s life today: perhaps just by lending a listening ear, praising your child or any other child for the little things they do, telling them it’s okay if they make a mistake, respecting them for who they are and not being judgmental, gently talking to them about the facts of life, making time to do something special just for them such as birthdays or going out for lunch, offering them a safe place if they need one, and the list could go on and on. These are the basic things we need to be aware of each and every day because it sure doesn’t cost much to tell a child they’re worth it. If each of us that are here today could do this then we are on the road to building our Nations to where we once were as strong caring families who stepped up to care for their own. Mussi Cho for listening and my prayers are with you all."

- Nancy Tom (2008)

Dedication to Mary Lebrun

In Memory of Mary Lebrun 1937—2019

Mary Lebrun headshot

A loving Grandmother, Mother, Aunty, respected Elder and enchanting Medicine Women.
Mary served as an Elder Advisor on the Nezul Be Hunuyeh Board of Directors for 10 years.
Mary showed compassion, dedication and commitment to her people and the children and families we serve.
Her spirit lives on in our board room, in her teachings, in the plants she gathered, on the land she loved and in the medicines she leaves behind. This is where you will always find Mary.