Guardianship Services

Nezul Be Hunuyeh has three full time Guardianship Workers.  These workers are the legal guardians of children who have been removed from their families and are in the permanent care of the government.  The Guardianship Workers report to the Delegated Manager.

What does a Guardianship Worker do?

  • Visit with the child a minimum of once a month
  • Makes decisions related to the child’s placement, health, and education.
  • Ensures the child’s physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs are cared for.
  • Develops a plan of care for the child with the input of everyone involved in the child’s life
  • Ensures the child knows their rights
  • Arranges visits with the child’s family
  • Ensures the child has knowledge of and access to their culture
  • Plans for the child’s independence
  • Maintains ongoing contact with foster parents and others involved in the child’s life for planning
  • Develops agreements with youth who are not in care
  • A Guardianship Worker cannot return children to their families without an order from the courts.