About Us

Person at the beach sitting on the sand and looking towards the water. The Nezul Be Hunuyeh logo surrounds the image.

Our Mandate

We work in collaboration with the family and community to ensure:

  • Children are protected from harm
  • To advocate for systemic change
  • To plan, develop and deliver programs and services to meet the needs of the communities
  • To promote supportive family and community environments for children and youth.
  • To provide family support through assessment, referral and intervention
  • To provide guardianship care to children based on our Values
  • To provide information and programs designed to promote child safety and wellness
  • To empower Binche, Tl’azt’en and Nak’azdli families
  • To ensure that each Binche, Nakazdli and Tl'azt'en child will know who they are and where they come from

Our Vision

Our vision is that family systems will be restored based on cultural beliefs. We envision our community as a place where our people will be nurtured and guided by the traditional teachings of our elders. Our people will be empowered to carry forward the cultural practices of caring into the future. We are following the path of our ancestors.

Our Values

As Defined by our Elders and Our Traditions

  • Children are sacred
  • Family will be recognized and acknowledged as First Nations with a diverse and unique history, culture, communities, and familial relationships
  • We recognize that we serve three distinct nations: Tl'azt'en Nation, Binche Whut'en, and Nak'azdli Whut'en
  • Cultural identity must be protected, promoted, practiced
  • The community shares the responsibility of caring for children through traditional practices
  • We believe that children belong in their communities therefore we will build capacity with our members to meet their needs
  • We have an inherent right to make decisions regarding our children, our families, and our communities